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Public Tenders
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Studio Legale Cammareri (SLC) provides legal assistance and advice to enterprises regarding public tenders for works, services and supplying, regarding S.O.A., as well as public tenders in the excluded sectors, in the light of national and EU law.

SLC provides legal assistance to enterprises that intend to submit a tender, severally or in cooperation with other enterprises, from the phase of the arrangement of the bid up to the end of the tender procedure, providing them assistance also in the possible and subsequent litigation phase.

SLC provides also legal assistance and advice to enterprises regarding national and international project finance (BOOT project, BOO project, BOT project, BBO project, BTL project).

Studio Legale Cammareri
Via Cipro, 4 h
00136 Rome - Italy
Tel. : +39.06.474.46.27
Fax : +39.06.474.12.08
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