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Studio Legale Cammareri (SLC) pays particular attention to the litigation sector, that, even if it represents the pathological phase of a business relation, nevertheless it does not exclude the possibility to reach the best possible satisfaction for the client. With this point of view, SLC lawyers commit themselves to plan in advance the strategy of a trial to be followed, always in close contact with the client who is constantly updated of the status of the dispute.

Such approach also allows the client to constantly estimate his risk position for any consequent evaluation.

Therefore, regarding litigation, SLC provides legal assistance to its clients in front of all civil, administrative and arbitral jurisdictions.

With reference to the civil and business disputes, SLC has built up a solid expertise in litigation concerning contractual, commercial and corporate matters, debt collection, insolvency procedures.

With reference to administrative disputes, SLC provides legal assistance to enterprises regarding public tenders for works, services and supplying, as well as legal advice in front of the Authority for the surveillance on public tenders.

Studio Legale Cammareri
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